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Community Support Service

Hampshire VISIBLE Communities™ Partners Network

The Community Support Team in partnership with the boroughs are licensed agents for the VISIBLE Communities™ quality standard.

Developed by Community Matters, The National Federation of Community Organisations, inconsultation with its members and other core stakeholders, VISIBLE Communities™ is a unique approach to promoting quality and best practice in the community sector.

VISIBLE Communities™ is based around a set of seven core principles that Community Matters believe underpin strong sustainable community organisations.

To find out more contact your local borough office contacts. Any group who lies outside these areas should contact Hampshire County Council for advice.


Borough contacts

Hampshire County Council has formed a consortium with the Boroughs to be licence holders for the Visible Communities™ programme in Hampshire.

Any group who lies outside these areas should contact Hampshire County Council for advice

Hampshire County Council

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

East Hants Borough Council

Havant Borough Council

Test Valley Borough Council

Winchester City Council



The purpose of this network is to create a partnership of Hampshire County Council with all the boroughs and districts who are able and willing to support the VISIBLE Communities™ quality standard process with community associations.

To improve communication across Hampshire’s boroughs and districts, facilitating cooperation, joint action and collaboration between member organisations.


The partnership will be open to all Hampshire boroughs and districts and partners who can offer support to the VISIBLE communities™ process.


Hampshire County Council will be the named VISIBLE Communities™ licence holder on behalf of the partnership

It is recognised that operational differences between individual boroughs and districts will lead to a variable amount of support and funding being available across the county, but this does not exclude any borough or district from joining the partnership.

Partners will be expected to attend a minimum of two meetings per annum to discuss projects and any issues relating to VISIBLE Communities™

Participating partners must attend Community Matters VISIBLE Communities™ training.

Partners must commit to a minimum commitment which will be discussed on joining the partnership.

Partners will communicate opportunities to share skills, training, resources and shadowing opportunities as appropriate for training, personal development and the mutual benefit of participants.

Commitment of individual partners

It is recognised by all the partners that the support and commitment offered by each district or borough will be dependant on local priorities, but this will not exclude membership to the network, providing that the partner commits to the minimum requirement

Hampshire County Council will hold the licence for the partnership.

Each of the partners commits to a minimum of

  • Supplying a workbook to each participating Community Association.
  • Attendance at VISIBLE Communities™ network meetings.
  • Limited officer time and support for specific work with individual Community Association.
  • Support where possible for joint initiatives (training etc) that bring together Community Associations from districts across Hampshire.

Further support and funding may be available from some of the boroughs and districts in relation to local commitments and priorities


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