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Disabled person plus companion pass

How to apply

(These passes are not covered by the online application process).

Application forms are available in Hampshire from:


Fill your application form in and send it to us at:

Bus Pass Team

PO Box 696
PO14 9PD

Remember to enclose:

Only copies of documents are required. They will not be returned to you. Do not send originals.

We will process your completed application and you will be sent your new pass or vouchers in the post, or you will be contacted for further information.

Who can have a disabled person plus companion pass?

You may be entitled to a companion pass if:

How can I use my disabled person plus companion pass?

How do I renew my pass?

We will renew your pass automatically for up to five years after checking eligible users for changes in their circumstances. This will include checks with registration services, and other databases, including the National Fraud Initiative.

Am I eligible?

Who can have a disabled person plus companion pass?

You may be entitled to a disabled person plus companion pass if:

The types of disability which should enable you to claim the statutory minimum bus travel concession are those which are permanent, or which have lasted at least 12 months

Do I qualify as disabled?

You must be aged five or older, and be:

What proof of disability do I need to provide?

When you apply for a disabled persons plus companion pass on the grounds of disability, your disability must be so severe that you are unable to travel unaccompanied.

(If applying for a companion pass only) provide disability evidence plus a letter from a health care professional supporting the application e.g. physiotherapist, podiatrist, nurse etc. confirming that you are unable to travel alone for medical reasons.


Example of a companion pass

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