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Bus passes and concessionary travel

Travel vouchers

Travel vouchers (formerly known as tokens) are an alternative to the bus pass in Hampshire only. Vouchers are available to anyone who has a disability - see details below.

How to apply

(These passes are not covered by the online application process).

Application forms are available in Hampshire from:


Fill your application form in and send it to us at:

Concessionary Travel
PO Box 696
PO14 9PD

Remember to enclose:

Only copies of documents are required. They will not be returned to you. Do not send originals.

We will process your completed application and you will be sent your new pass or vouchers in the post, or you will be contacted for further information.

How much are vouchers worth?

You can have £32 of vouchers per year to use in part or full payment of your fares on:

If applied for part way through a year, you will receive a prorated allocation of vouchers.

Not all taxis and voluntary car schemes will accept vouchers. Please check with your operator before travelling. There is a list of operators/organisations, that we know are willing to accept travel vouchers.

Journeys must start or finish in Hampshire.

You cannot use vouchers on:

Am I eligible?

Do I qualify as disabled?

You must be aged five or older, and be:

If a temporary disability condition is claimed, it must meet one of the categories above and the concession should only be issued for the duration of disability described. The application must be accompanied by a healthcare professional's report.

What proof of disability do I need to provide?

When you apply for a bus pass, disabled person plus companion pass or vouchers on the grounds of disability, we will need a completed application form plus a current passport sized colour photograph with your name and date of birth printed on the back and a copy of one of the following and proof of your address - e.g. a recent utility bill.


Example of a travel voucher

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