Have your say

The decisions and actions the County Council takes have an impact on the people of Hampshire (either directly or indirectly) so we want to hear your views.

There are several ways in which you can let us know what you think about this item:
  1. Speak to your Local County Councillor

    An important part of the County Councillor role is to represent their communities. They have access to a number of mechanisms to enable them to do this and they are available for you to contact them about such requests. County Councillors can be contacted to speak on your behalf.
  2. Make a Written Comment

    Where timescales allow, officers also collect comments raised and respond to key issues as part of their report advising the committee. Unfortunately we will not always be able to respond directly or individually to your comments.
    1. Make a short written comment using the online form.

  3. Make a Deputation (Speak at a meeting)

    If you would like to present your case regarding this item at the meeting please complete the deputations online form or for more information about making a deputation phone Democratic and Member Services on 01962 845751.

    For most meetings (except full Council meetings) the deadline for deputations is 11:59pm 3 clear working days before the meeting.

    Find out more about making a deputation


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