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Council Meetings

Decisions and Meetings

All Hampshire County Council's decisions and committee reports made after 1 January 2010 are published on the Meetings Information System. The System can be searched to find decisions, reports and minutes for all meetings and committees held in public. See the Guide to the Meetings Information System for more information, help and search tips.

Reports prior to 2010 are available in the meetings archive.

County Council Meetings

The full Council is responsible for major decisions such as setting the budget, and debates topical issues. It also receives reports from the Executive, and Members are able to question the Executive on their areas of business. See the Guide to County Council Meetings for more information.

Decision Making

Most Council decisions are made by the Cabinet, either as a whole or by individual Executive Members. The Cabinet's most important decisions, called Key Decisions, are published in the Notice of Key Decisions and on the Meetings Information System well in advance of the decision being made. Some decisions are made by other committees such as planning applications that are made by the Regulatory Committee.

Select Committees

The Select Committees hold the Executive Members to account on the decisions they make. They can challenge decisions before they are implemented, or review decisions after they have been implemented to see if they achieved what was intended and were good decisions. Read more about Scrutiny.

Other Committees

There are various other committees who do not make decisions but advise and update Members, discuss current issues and receive progress reports on work programmes.


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