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Hampshire's Countryside

Hampshire Countryside Access Plan

Results of the public consultation

The County Council is reviewing and updating its Countryside Access Plan (CAP) for Hampshire. To inform the review we consulted with the public and stakeholders during autumn 2014, asking what people think about public rights of way and access to the countryside, and how the main issues may have changed since 2008 when the CAP was first published.

Results of the public survey  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 54kB

The draft revised Hampshire Countryside Access Plan is expected to be available for public consultation in early 2015, and will be shown on this page.

About the Countryside Access Plan

The Hampshire Countryside Access Plan consists of 7 local area plans and a countywide ‘Overview’ document. Each local plan identifies the main issues in a particular part of Hampshire and suggests what should be done to improve access to the countryside in that area. The County Overview looks at factors that affect the whole of Hampshire and the main priorities for overcoming them.

The Hampshire Countryside Access Plan 2008-13

Other formats

If you a require large print version or a paper copy of the plans email the Access Development Team or tel 0845 6035636*.
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The Countryside Access Plans meet the requirement for Hampshire County Council as a highway authority to produce a 'Rights of Way Improvement Plan' under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

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