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Lyme Disease - be ‘tick alert’

From spring through to autumn, it is best to be alert for ticks which can be found in moist areas of dense vegetation or long grass in woodland, grassland, moorland, heathland and some urban parks and gardens. A bite from a tick can carry Lyme Disease which can lead to very serious conditions if left untreated. Take some simple precautions:

  • Keep to footpaths and avoiding long grass when out walking.

  • Tuck your trousers into socks, wear long sleeved clothing and light coloured fabrics to help spot ticks.

  • Use insect repellents.

  • Inspect your and your children’s skin for ticks, including head, neck and skin folds (armpits, groin, and waistband).

  • Check that pets do not bring ticks into your home in their fur.

For more information on Lyme Disease on the NHS website

Notices about access rights

Notices with accompanying maps are appearing in our Country Parks and countryside sites.

These notices are headed ‘Form CA17’ and relate to access rights.

They do not affect how people already enjoy using these sites, but are related to a legal process that will help the County Council plan and manage public access on the sites that it owns.

Notices in Hampshire’s Country Parks and Nature Reserves – ‘Form CA17’

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