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Waste Collection and Recycling Service

The services offered

The contract covers the collection of:

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The suppliers

The three suppliers, Grundon Waste Mangement Ltd, New Forest District Council and SITA UK Ltd, cover different parts of the county and offer different elements of the service:

Who can use this contract?

All customers

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Under the new contract, recycling prices are 40% cheaper than those for residual waste. This means that real savings can be achieved for those who recycle. Data supplied by the current contractors indicates that only 25-30% of waste is being recycled, but up to 90% of waste is recyclable – which means there is potential for huge cost savings.

Office Grade White Paper

SITA offer a free-of-charge collection for office grade white paper across the County. A separate bin will be provided by SITA. Further details are available on request from Julie Price at County Supplies – e-mail:

Hazardous Waste

The Grundon Haz-Box service caters for small volume but regular producers of hazardous waste. You will be supplied with a 55 litre lidded plastic box for the on-site storage of your waste, the contents are then collected upon an agreed schedule. Segregation of the waste is made on-site, much of which can be recycled, and collections can be arranged fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly or annually.

Charges are per box, per collection with discounts for additional boxes and collections. Additional waste that cannot fit into a box can be removed for an additional cost. Prices and further details are available on request from Julie Price at County Supplies.

Further information about Hazardous Waste Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 38kb

Confidential Waste

Sita offer a confidential waste collection service across the County. All waste is collected by SITA-vetted staff in secure SITA vehicles and is shredded within 24 hours at the SITA Security Shredding plant at Swindon. All material is recycled and a destruction certificate is issued for each load.

Prices are based on large single collections (150 sacks), on a weekly schedule or multiple location (minimum of 5) collections on a 'milk round' basis (10 sacks).

Prices and further details on request from Julie Price at County Supplies.

Batteries and ICT equipment disposal

Please see Batteries and ICT Equipment Disposal pages.

Food waste collection and recycling

Please see the Food Waste Recycling page.

Arrangement/contract period

From 1 April 2009.

Enquiries to

Julie Price, Procurement Officer

Tel: (01962) 826910



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