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Admission to school

School uniform grants

Pupils at Primary school

There is no school uniform grant available for children at primary school level, however, Hampshire has a small discretionary fund which can be used to help with school clothing. For information, call Children's Services. Tel: 0845 603 5620.

Secondary School pupils

Secondary school uniform grants are available for children who meet the following criteria:

The value of the grant is currently £61.25. Payment is made by cheque and can be paid up to end of the academic year.

Detailed information about applying for the grant is on the form. You can either collect an application form direct from the school office (of a Hampshire school) or download the form below.

Secondary School Uniform Grant Form for academic year 2014-15  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 38kB

The grant will be paid up to 22 July 2015

Pupils in Year 8 or Year 11

There is no school uniform grant for pupils in these year groups.


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