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Admission to school

Applying for a school place in-year

An in-year admission is when a child needs an immediate school place outside of the usual transfer times. There are two main reasons for this. You might be moving house or unhappy with your child's current school.

In year applications can be made at any time. Please note however that applications will not be processed more than four weeks in advance of when the place is needed. Exceptionally, applications requesting a September start will be processed from 12 June 2017.

How to apply

You can apply online for a place at any publicly funded school in Hampshire. You must send any supporting documents, e.g. evidence of a new address, to the school.

Paper forms are available from schools or the Admissions Team on request. Completed paper forms should be returned to the school.

To apply for a school outside of Hampshire, you must contact the school or the local authority there.

If you are moving house

You will need to submit evidence of your new address to the school. Proof of exchange of contracts or a signed tenancy agreement will normally be accepted. Please refer to our section on "Address Information" for more details.

Receiving the decision

Schools will aim to respond in writing within 10 school days.

If you are offered a place, speak to the school to arrange a start date.

If you are refused a place, your child will be added to the waiting list. You will also have the right of appeal against the decision.

Help finding a school

If you need help finding a school place for your child, please contact the County Admissions Team who can advise you about the nearest school with a place.


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