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Admission to school

Waiting lists

When all available places have been allocated, a waiting list will be established for each over-subscribed school.

Your child will automatically be added to the waiting list of any school you named on your application that was a higher preference than the school where your child was allocated a place.  

Your child's position on a waiting list is determined by the priority order shown in the school's admission policy. For example: living in the school's catchment area; having a brother or sister at the school or the distance from your home to school. It is important therefore that you notify the Admissions Team if you circumstances change, for example, you move house or you have another child who has been offered a place at the school, as it could affect your child's position on the list. It does not take account of the length of time your child's name has been on the waiting list.

When a place becomes available, the child at the top of the waiting list will be offered the place.

The waiting list will be reviewed and revised–

Waiting lists for Year 7 admissions for September 2017 will be created on 15 March 2016.  For Year R and Year 3 in September, they will be created on 2 May 2016. Both lists will be maintained until 31 August 2018, at which point they will close. Parents wishing to keep their child's name on the waiting list for the following academic year (2018/2019) will need to re-apply for a place at the school during August 2018.

If you wish to find out your child's position on the waiting list please, contact the County Admissions Team.

Please note that if we are able to offer your child a place from the waiting list, any previous offer will automatically be withdrawn. It is important therefore that you let us know if you no longer wish to be on the waiting list of any your preferred schools.


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