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Supply Teaching & Support staff

Hampshire County Council does not have a central department recruiting for supply teachers or support  staff. There are two routes to choose if you are looking for supply in Hampshire Schools/ Children’s Centres.

  1. Contact Hampshire Schools/Centres directly to see if they are recruiting for Supply Teachers. A - Z Hampshire Schools or Hampshire Children's Centres

  2. Contact independent Supply Agencies. The 12 agencies below are part of the Hampshire's Panel of Preferred Providers (PPP) 2014. Hampshire cannot accept responsibility for the recruitment of staff through these agencies however the selected agencies have a contract with Hampshire for the provision of supply staff to Schools and Centres.  Supply Teachers working through agencies will not be entitled to membership of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

If you have any questions please contact us by email at or telephone 023 8038 3537

Supply and Newly Qualified Teachers

Short-term supply does not provide the supportive environment needed in your first year of teaching, and some agencies do not accept applications from NQTs. Hampshire schools are discouraged from employing NQTs for casual supply work as this prevents you from beginning your Induction Year.

While you may work on a supply basis through your own contact with individual schools, or through an agency that accepts NQTs, this will not count towards induction until the placement is for a term or more (even part-time) involving regular teaching of the same classes. In this case the school must start your induction. You should not be offered a supply placement lasting for a term or more that involves only day-to-day cover for absent teachers or PPA cover, as this would not allow you to begin induction.

Moreover, as an NQT you are not allowed to do solely casual supply teaching or other non-inductable posts, for more than 5 years after the date of your QTS.  After this time your next post must be one where you can undertake induction - unless there are exceptional circumstances allowing the Local Authority to extend your supply teaching.


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