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Extended Services

By 2010 all children and families will be able to access at or through their local school, a ‘core offer’ of extended services. These are described as follows:

Schools are expected to work together in clusters and equally expected to work with existing service providers in communities so as not to de-stabilise existing provision.  Where an aspect of the core offer as described above is not accessible via the school cluster or an existing service provider, the cluster will review actual local need, with parents, children and the local community and work with other providers or as a cluster to either commission or directly deliver the service that has not been available.

Extended services has seen the growth of roles from after school club staff to sports coaches.  Where school clusters are actively recruiting for these posts, the details can be found under ‘More Education related jobs’

The extended schools initiative is primarily about 'raising standards' in terms of learner motivation, aspiration, achievement and behaviour, and access to support services. It is also about meeting Government targets in key services such as childcare, adult learning, healthy schools, community well-being and supporting the 'Every Child Matters' agenda.

Within this extended services remit, the government has also introduced the role of Parent Support Adviser. In total Hampshire has 50 Parent Support Adviser posts (PSAs) across the county based in school clusters.

The aim of the PSA role is to help tackle pupil underachievement, remove barriers to learning and provide access to a full range of learning opportunities, through developing support services with parents and carers of those children and young people who might be at risk of failing to reach their potential. PSAs have a role to play in the early identification of any difficulties a pupil is experiencing by identifying with parent’s, the reasons for their children’s non-attendance, and to work with parents and others to achieve regular attendance and reduce exclusion.  Where PSA roles are available for appointment, these can be found under ‘More education related roles’

Research carried out by different organisations, including Ofsted, over the last four years suggests that those schools which are already offering extended services are experiencing a range of benefits, including:

More information on Extended Services is available via:

More information on the County Parenting Team and the PSA role is available at:

Or alternatively you may wish to view extended services vacancies


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