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Hampshire EMTAS works to improve access to, and engagement and participation in, education of Traveller children, young people, parents and carers. EMTAS provides a range of services to support schools to meet the needs of children from Traveller backgrounds (including Gypsy, Roma, Travellers of Irish heritage, Showmen, Circus and New Travellers).

Please refer to our SLA for Schools for more information about the support available.

The Traveller checklist of good practice Microsoft Word 84kB may be useful in supporting schools to develop their practice in relation to Travellers.

Traveller Groups

'Traveller' is an umbrella term which includes different groups and communities. It is generally considered an acceptable term when speaking generically. When used to describe people who belong to a Traveller community, the word 'Traveller' should always be capitalised as it is a proper noun, as should all the groups listed below:



Irish Travellers


New Travellers


'Education for all' DVD

EMTAS has produced a DVD for Traveller parents which explains how education can support Traveller children and young people. It is called "Education for All".

Watch a clip on YouTube

To buy a copy of the full DVD complete the order form Microsoft Word 250kB and send to Julie Yates

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