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Administrative and Clerical tasks

Amongst the contractual changes introduced by the National Agreement is that teachers should not be required routinely to undertake administrative and clerical tasks. This enables teachers to focus on the teaching and learning and not duties which do not require the exercise of a teacher’s professional judgement and skills.

Schools were required to carry out the transfer of all routine administrative and clerical duties away from teachers. The agreement was clear that routine could include infrequent tasks (eg annual reports). The agreement recognised that some tasks require a mixture of administrative support and a teacher’s professional judgement. This could include pupil reports which are likely to require a teacher’s input to create but administrative support to format and produce.

One challenge that has been apparent since the delegation of administrative tasks aware from teachers has been how to stop individuals from still doing some routine clerical tasks (such as photocopying). The Teacher’s Pay and Conditions Documents states that teachers should not be given the option and Headteacher should ensure that they do not carry out such tasks.


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