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Governor Services

Types of Governor


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Parent Governors

Parent governors are elected by and from among the parents of registered pupils at the school. They should be parents of pupils currently at the school at the time of their election. If too few parents stand for election to fill the vacancies available, the governing body may appoint a parent of any child of or under compulsory school age. Parent governors are entitled to serve out their term of office even if their child has left the school. People who are elected members of the local authority or paid to work at the school for more than 500 hours in a school year are disqualified from being parent governors.

Authority Governors

Authority governors are appointed by the local authority which maintains the school. In Hampshire such governors are primarily appointed with a view to their commitment to high quality education and their ability to bring an independent perspective to school decision-making. Anyone eligible to be a staff governor at a school is disqualified from appointment as an Authority governor.

Foundation Governors

Foundation governors (at voluntary aided, voluntary controlled and some foundation and foundation special schools only) are usually appointed by the school's founding body, church or other organisation named in the school's instrument of government. Some are governors as a result of being the local priest. These are ex-officio governorships which must be specified on the instrument. All foundation governors are appointed to secure compliance with the trust deed and preserve and develop the religious character of the school, if it has a religious character.

Community Governors

Community governors are appointed by the governing body to represent community interests. They can be people who live or work in the community served by the school or anyone else who is committed to good governance and the success of the school. All categories of school, except voluntary aided schools, have community governors. Registered pupils at the school, those eligible to be staff governors at the school and elected members of the local education authority are disqualified from appointment as community governors.

Staff Governors

Headteachers become staff governors when they take up their post unless they tell the clerk they do not want to do so. The other staff governors are elected by and from among the teaching and non-teaching staff at the school. They may be staff employed under a contract of employment or a contract for services, and so could include caterers and grounds maintenance staff working at the school as well as school administrators. Staff governors may not continue to be governors if they cease to be employed by the school

Partnership Governors

Partnership governors will exist only at foundation and foundation special schools which do not have a foundation of trustees. These are former county grant-maintained and grant-maintained special schools. Partnership governors must be members of the community served by the school who are committed to the good government and success of the school. The governing body is responsible for seeking nominations for and appointing partnership governors. Parents of pupils currently at the school, people employed to work at the school, or elected members or LEA employees connected with education may not be appointed as partnership governors.

Sponsor Governors

Sponsor governors are appointed by the governing body. They are people who give substantial assistance to a school, financially or in kind, or who provide services to the school.


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