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Clerks Accreditation for Local Authorities

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About us

We are a customer focused service, offering fast, friendly and efficient support to governing bodies, principals, clerks and individual governors.

As part of our comprehensive training and development portfolio, our Clerks Accreditation Programme, launched over ten years ago in partnership with the Information for School and College Governors (ISCG), has been extremely successful in establishing benchmark standards of competence for clerks and securing recognition of the skills a good clerk offers to their governing body.

There are 22 authorities across the country, from Huddersfield to the South Coast currently running TAC (The Accredited Clerk) programme under licence from Hampshire. A further 13 authorities have shown interest in developing their own programmes.

The TAC programme is flexible enough to meet the needs of the individuals and local authority requirements and it is possible for TAC assessors to support candidates through the programme where assessor resources are limited.

We have extensive experience working with governing bodies of all school types and have an established reputation for delivering high quality, effective development programmes that directly impact on school.


Overview of standards

The standards are built around the key elements of the clerks’ role, including the potential additional responsibilities in Academy settings, as follows:

  • Understanding legal responsibilities
  • Supporting effective governance
  • Administrative support for the board
  • Effective communication
  • Managing information appropriately
  • Teamwork
  • Achieving results

What support do participants need?

The programme is supported by a briefing, either face to face or via an e-learning module, and telephone / email support. Participants compile a personal portfolio of evidence against the standards for assessment with the support of their assessor. All resources to support the programme are provided and include two ‘legal framework’ assessments to demonstrate understanding of the legal / procedural framework for governance.

Participants will need the support of their Chair and Headteacher as willingness to complete a short questionnaire is an essential part of the process.


How much will it cost?

The cost to individual candidates for 2014/15 is:

  • Option 1 - £490 per candidate.  An award leading to accreditation or accreditation with merit and certified by the ISCG.
  • Option 2- £620 per candidate. A level 3 award or certificate in clerk to governance bodies certified by awarding body 'Qualifi'. An award is equivalent to 10 learning credits and a certificate awards 18.

Fees will be invoiced at the start of the programme.

Authorities and other organisations who are likely to have a number of candidates who wish to participate in the programme each year can reduce the cost of participation considerably by running programmes under license. This involves an annual license fee (£350 for 2012/13), plus set up charges for assessor training and a tailored package of support for the first programme.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of the programme or to register your interest please contact:


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