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Governor Services

Compliments and Complaints Summary Report 2013/14

We receive many comments about our work which help us to develop the service we offer. Where these comments imply any dissatisfaction we count them as complaints. We hope that by listening carefully to what you say and making improvements when we can, we will maintain our record of settling all complaints at Service level.

There were 10 valid complaints in this financial year, compared to six last year. The Service continues to receive a high volume of acknowledgements of good customer care and 231 were included in the quarterly returns across the year. The compliments cover most aspects of the Service’s work and reflect our commitment to customer care.

In response to the complaints the LA Clerks’ recruitment process has been reviewed, issues with venues have been taken up with the providers and resolved, information on the website has been updated and internal processes have been amended to prevent issues recurring in the future. Where there were misunderstandings about service provision, these were followed up and explanations provided to clarify what was on offer. All of the complaints have had a response within 20 working days, as required by the Hampshire County Council complaints policy and apologies were issued where appropriate.

To put these figures into context the Service delivered over 1700 hours of training, with nearly 11000 attendances at 610 sessions, alongside providing a clerking service to over 240 governance bodies in the period covered by this report.

If you would like to make a complaint, suggestion or even a compliment, we would be pleased to hear from you.


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