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Rights, respect and responsibility (RRR)

Primary curriculum file

Welcome to Hampshire’s primary curriculum file for the rights, respect and responsibility (RRR) programme. On these pages you can find a range of teaching ideas to enliven work around the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). They include themes such as violence and protection: conflict and peace, and different abilities and disabilities, as well as subject-led topics.

Given that these pages can never be exhaustive, we always welcome further ideas developed by teachers as part of their own programme. These are likely to be lessons and plans which reflect rights-respecting approaches and not just specific teaching for rights awareness (important though this is in introducing the Convention).

Lesson ideas as part of a bigger picture

While we hope teachers will find the primary curriculum file useful as a source of meaningful classroom activity, it is also true that the greatest impact for learning will be found where ideas such as these are embedded in curriculum plans.

Invariably, current planning already includes many opportunities for teachers to integrate rights perspectives into existing learning. Schools where the Convention (and any related school agreement) is a constant reference point are the ones where RRR has most impact. In such schools, the headteacher and the whole staff body are working towards a rights-respecting approach to leadership and participation, parental and governor involvement, daily school ethos, and community and wider world connections, as well as teaching and learning.

Many schools find they are able to use RRR as a context for an ethos of which they are already justly proud. Some schools have sought to develop their understanding of good practice in the global dimension, for example. Others are investigating areas of school life where they can effect greater pupil participation and responsibility in decision making. These areas may include planning, pedagogy and evaluation in addition to extra-curricular activity.


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