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HIAS Health and safety guidance for schools

Storing and disposing of hazardous materials and chemicals - DfE guidance

Although this guidance is particularly applicable to science departments it should be noted that hazardous materials might include chemicals held in art, design technology and some cleaning materials. We recommend that you also check that you are following the guidance given in the Home Office/CLEAPSS document Secure your chemicals - education, available from the CLEAPSS website.

Health and safety policy

Your school should have a health and safety policy which outlines the specific arrangements and responsibilities for the provision of health and safety in your own premises/organisation. The health and safety policy template is for you to use in developing a policy which is specific to your premises/organisation.

Visit the Children's Services Health and Safety page to access templates, forms and checklists – maybe required to log into Hantsnet Anywhere or Children's Services Intranet to view this page.

Fire safety

The Hampshire County Council Learning Zone,, has launched a new fire safety e-learning module. It aims to provide staff with the relevant information, instruction and training to ensure that they are competent in basic fire safety.

CS fire safety guidance webpage – this link will take you to the Children's Services Schools health and safety page –maybe required to log into Hantsnet Anywhere or Children's Services Intranet to view this page.

Reporting an accident or near miss

To report an accident/incident, near miss, violent incident and dangerous occurrence Investigation and reporting procedure see the Reporting an accident or near miss webpage.


The pages below provide specialist health and safety advice for all schools



Other Children's Services health and safety guidance

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