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Rights, respect and responsibility (RRR)

Engagement and empowerment

This section focuses on how we can use Article 13 of the UNCRC in effective and meaningful ways.

The document, Context for action deals with the why question around participation along with how this benefits individuals and schools.

There are a number of activities included which can help develop staff understanding of pupil participation.

There are also scenarios that can be worked through with staff; some are based on a fictitious headteacher, Mr Wright. This methodology can be an effective, even enjoyable way to explore what participation means to staff and the differences between participation, consultation and empowerment.

There are very helpful illustrations to help envisage the difference between participation and empowerment through Roger Harts ladder of participation and work from Pablo Freire.

There is also a PowerPoint presentation based around the big bad wolf story to illustrate meaningful participation which shows alternative endings which are then related to a real life situation.

Downloadable documents

The documents below are numbered to give an indication of a development process which aids the successful implementation of RRE. Although the terminology RRE is now being used, as these case studies were written previously, RRR is still used in these examples.

  1. Context for action Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 130kb
    This paper explores the realisation of Article 13 of the UNCRC offering a clearer definition of the participation which leads to empowerment.
  2. Mr Wright and developing participation Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 112kb
    An activity to be used with teachers to explore the extent of pupil participation in a school.
  3. Freire's four quadrants of participation – an alternative approach and exercise Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 108kb
    Notes on how to use the Freire’s four quadrants and alternative ways of identifying the types of participation in a school.
  4. Participation: at the heart of RRE Microsoft PowerPoint 742kb
    A PowerPoint to explore the concepts behind empowerment through discussion and story.
  5. Knights Enham Junior School Rights Ambassadors check class displays during a learning walk.

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