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Rights, respect and responsibility (RRR)

Global learning

“Global learning is education that puts learning in a global context, fostering:

  • critical and creative thinking;
  • self-awareness and open-mindedness towards difference;
  • understanding of global issues and power relationships; and
  • optimism and action for a better world.”

Think Global, formerly the Development Education Association


This section enables aims to develop a broader understanding of global learning. A glance at the self-assessment tool will also help.

What are we aiming for?

As a result of global learning:

Promoting the principles of hope, justice and charity

Children here in the UK can learn from as well as about overseas experiences. The global dimension is often about people elsewhere being empowered to make changes for themselves. The priority is for pupils to understand more about how things come to be as they are, and what could be done to prevent it.

A further characteristic of the global dimension is that it makes links between the local and the global. Poverty, for instance, is not seen as simply out there. Food in supermarkets can have a great deal to do with conditions for growers and land use elsewhere

The documents and case studies below help in this process.

Downloadable documents

The documents below are numbered to give an indication of a development process which aids the successful implementation of RRE.

  1. Global learning findings and conceptual model
    This offers a summary of what constitutes good global learning and a suggested model for practice – extracts from Development Education Research Centre, Research Paper No 9, by Frances Hunt.
  2. The eight key concepts Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 95kb
    The global dimension can be understood through the eight concepts as developed by Oxfam.
  3. Global linking – Newlands Primary School
    A case study and further links to the schools extensive links with South Africa and Kenya including its impact on pupils and learning.
  4. Gambia link and global education – All Saints Junior School
    A case study of one schools link with a school in Gambia.
  5. Global education – Gambia Microsoft PowerPoint 497kb
    A PowerPoint used by All Saints Junior School which offers a clear rationale for global learning.

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