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Hampshire Music Service

World Music in Hampshire

The music of a region is one of the deepest expressions of its history, culture and tradition, and the most accessible way for students to connect with the soul of a place and its people. Our aim is to engage students through the workshop experience, bring the music curriculum to life and include everyone in ensemble playing, regardless of musical experience. Our World Music workshops involve ensemble playing for all pupils from the start, so they immediately gain the benefits of playing music together, developing listening and responding, timing, dynamics and understanding of musical structure, while developing memory, improvisation and performance skills. This is especially important for pupils who may not otherwise have the chance to play in a group situation. Instrumental technique is very approachable so that all students master the essentials necessary to play very quickly, and instruments are chosen to work together in a musically balanced ensemble.

The HMS World Music Team

Our team of World Music tutors offer high level teaching skills and a wealth of instrument specific knowledge to each workshop. They will always consult with you on options for your school; musical content, number of groups and concerts for the school or parents, to make sure your pupils gain the greatest value from the experience.

Preparatory and follow-up work

We supply a range of preparatory and follow up material for class teachers to use before the workshops, to ensure that pupils gain maximum benefit from the playing experience.

Practical Arrangements – group sizes, space and workshop lengths

We supply all instruments and equipment and handle delivery and collection. All our workshops are designed to accommodate a full class of students. Workshop time may be used flexibly; for example, it may be divided between several groups to include more students, or concentrated on fewer groups with material covered in more depth. A normal sized classroom, music room or part of a hall is sufficient space. Gamelan requires the largest area (35 square metres).


Delivery and collection of the World Music instruments from your school is organised by Hampshire Music Service and is included in the price. Many schools like workshops to culminate in a performance, so that the rest of the school or parents can experience the musical results of the session – just talk to the workshop tutor about your requirements.



West African Drums

Mediterranean Drums






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