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The Place, The People India is the second most populous country in the world and can trace its history back to the Indus Valley civilisation nearly 6000 years ago. With its cultural richness reflecting influences from sultanates to Maurya and Mughul empires, it is second only to Africa as the world’s most culturally, linguistically and genetically diverse region. It is fast becoming a 21st century economic giant, while maintaining the depth and diversity of its traditional culture.

The Music The repertoire of the Tabla has developed over centuries at the heart of Indian music with the subtleties of the traditional rhythmic Tala, their aavartan cycles, and the vibhaga subdivisions. The Tabla can produce a huge range of tones depending on the hand stroke, palm position and damping; these are explored in the session.

The Workshop Students play in ensemble and learn the correct hand and finger strokes and their bol mnemonics, so that rhythms are learned vocally, then applied to the instrument. Most work will be with the tintal 16 beat cycle and its vibhaga rhythmic divisions, and there will be space for improvisation and composition using the materials covered in the workshop.

These workshops, generally for KS2 to GCSE, combine Music National Curriculum requirements in an engaging and stimulating classroom environment, providing an accessible gateway to this important cornerstone of Indian culture.

Workshop - a full day of sessions with tutor: £295

For bookings and information please contact Kathy Moore on 023 8065 2037 or e-mail


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