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HTLC Learning and Development

Leadership qualities and behaviours

Leadership development is about personal development. We know that the most effective leaders have high levels of self awareness, emotional intelligence and they intellectually understand what they are leading. They are also proactive about making the changes that will improve their leadership. The qualities and behaviours give a framework and vocabulary for talking about leadership. They are a useful part of the performance management process to benchmark and measure progress.

The seven qualities and associated behaviours were developed in partnership with the National College. They are the result of extensive research using existing sets of standards for school leadership, including the Fast Track Standards and the National Standards for Headteachers, by identifying the future demands on school leaders.

They were co-designed by Hampshire headteachers and educational consultant Howard Green and draw from recent thinking, including the Independent Study into School Leadership produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Five Minds of a Manager by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg in the Harvard Business Review, and New approaches to identifying high potential employees, by Chris Watkins of the Hay Group.

The qualities and behaviours are an attempt to define the territory so that Hampshire colleagues can better recognise and celebrate their strengths and then find appropriate areas of focus for further professional development through local, regional and national opportunities.

Download the Hampshire leadership qualities and behaviours for senior leaders and middle leaders for full details.


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