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Education & Learning

Hampshire Making Talent Conference, 25 January 2013

  • "We have an opportunity with increasing self-determination."

    John Coughlan, Director of Children's Services

  • "Our hope is that teachers are empowered to teach their students."

    Melanie Saunders, County Manager, Education Improvement

  • Hampshire Local Authority and schools working in partnership "to make a difference for all children".


  • "It is important to get people to understand their transformability."

    Matthew Syed, British journalist, broadcaster, author of Bounce

  • "The job of education is to enable young people to cope in an uncertain world."

    Bill Lucas, Professor of Learning from the Centre for Real-World Learning, University of Winchester

  • "What can we do with children to give them the attributes to succeed?"

    John Clarke, Deputy Director of Children's Services


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