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Education and Inclusion Service

Alternative provision and emotional health and wellbeing services

Directory of Services

Commissioners are advised to refer to the Guidance Notes before using the Directory.

How to use the Directory

The Directory is a spread sheet with data filters. You can use the data filters to search any column in the Directory.

Please note that it is better “click” through the spreadsheet using the up and down buttons than to “scroll”, since it might otherwise not show all entries.

Feedback Link for schools/commissioners

If you have purchased services from the Directory, please let us know about the quality of the services by filling in this short questionnaire. Feedback might be published or shared to inform commissioners.

Contacts for providers / potential providers of Alternative Provision and Emotional Health and Wellbeing Services

The Directory will be renewed at regular intervals. If you wish your programmes / services to be listed in the Directory or if you wish to make changes or corrections to your entry in the Directory please contact

For alternative provision: David Harvey or David Retter ( ,

For emotional health and wellbeing services Steve Morton ( who will be able to answer questions and make sure you will be sent an application pack once the renewal process for the Directory starts.


Hampshire County Council provides this website to allow information supplied from a range of organisations to be freely available. Information included in this website and any linked or associated sites is supplied by the organisations themselves and is of a general nature only.

Hampshire County Council cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided nor the quality of services or activities offered. Hampshire County Council does not assume any liability nor give any warranty of any kind for the information contained or omitted from this site, or for any action or inaction made in reliance thereon. The inclusion of an organisation does not imply a recommendation or endorsement by Hampshire County Councils; commissioners should make their own enquiries.


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