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6. The Governors’ Discipline Committee meeting

The governors committee which meets to review exclusions is known as the Governors’ Discipline Committee and consists of at least three governors.

If the exclusion is between six and fifteen days in a term, and the parents request a meeting, then the Governors’ Discipline Committee must meet within 50 school days.

The Governors’ Discipline Committee must always meet to consider exclusions greater than fifteen school days in a term, and all permanent exclusions. The meeting must take place between the sixth and the fifteenth school day after the governing body has been notified of the exclusion.

The role of the Governors’ Discipline Committee is to act as another ‘set of eyes’ to review the headteacher’s decision to exclude. Exclusions are very serious and the governors will review whether the exclusion has been carried out correctly and takes account of the needs of your child. They are not a rubber stamping body.

The Clerk to the Committee will write to you confirming the date and time of the meeting and send you the paperwork which will be considered at the meeting.  The paperwork will include your written representation if you have submitted one. Other paperwork that may be included is:

The following people will attend the meeting:

The meeting will follow a clear agenda which gives everyone an opportunity to have their say. If you attend the meeting you will have an opportunity to put forward your point of view and refer to your written representation if you have done one. The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:-

The Governors’ Discipline Committee must consider, on a balance of probability:

The Discipline Committee’s decision will be to:


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