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Education & Learning

Bushy Leaze Early Years Centre

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Area: Eastern

District council: East Hants

Courier Route: CF09

Admissions team


Tel: 0845 603 5623

HIAS Local Office

Local Education and Inclusion Office
Alton Health Centre
Anstey Road
GU34 2QX

Tel : 023 9244 1471

Area Director: Brian Pope

SEN Team

Team: 4

Tel: 0845 603 5620



Constitution (the number of each type of governor the school should have)

  • Authority
  • Community
  • Parent
  • Staff
  • Total

School Governors

  • Authority
    Mrs Monika Hadfield
    13 Mar 2017
  • Community
    Mrs Karen Cunningham
    21 Nov 2018
  • Parent
    Mrs Lucy Allen
    20 Nov 2015
    Vice Chair
    Mrs Bethany Dye
    16 Nov 2018
    Mr Darren Hiscutt
    26 Nov 2016
    Mrs Gillian Worth
    22 Nov 2018
  • Staff
    Mrs Anne Davies
    25 Sep 2015
    Ms Wendy Taylor
    29 Sep 2017
  • Staff (HT)
    Mrs Patricia Snook
    Head Teacher


How can I share transport to school?

You could try searching on Hants Car Share

What can be done to improve safety and travel to this school?

The school has prepared and submitted a draft travel plan that includes specific targets and actions in consultation with the wider community

How can I get to this school by public transport, and how long will it take?

You can find impartial information on planning your journey by bus, coach or train including time and distance from Traveline South West

What storage is available for cycles at this school?

Cycle racks for 2 bicycles are currently used by staff (as the Bushy Leaze pupils are too young to cycle to school)

Where can I find more information about travel to school?

You can visit our travel to school pages which include an interactive route planner.


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