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Education & Learning

The Bridge Education Centre

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  • School address

    The Bridge Education Centre
    2C Newtown Road

    SO50 9DB

    Tel: 023 80629306
    Fax: 023 80629340

    Headteacher: Sue Wright

    About the school

    Type of school: Education centre

    DfE No.: 1105

    School status: Community

  • Map of school

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Area: Western

District council: Eastleigh

Courier Route: CE85

Admissions team


Tel: 0845 603 5623

HIAS Local Office

HIAS, Children's Services Department
Clarendon House Campus
Monarch Way
SO22 5PW

Tel : 01252 814755

Area Director: David Hardcastle

SEN Team

Team: W & E

Tel: 01962 846569



Constitution (the number of each type of governor the school should have)

  • MC Community
  • MC LEA
  • MC Parent
  • MC Staff
  • MC Staff (TIC)
  • Total

School Governors

  • MC Community
    Mr Alastair Angwin
    17 Jan 2016
    Mrs Krista Dawkins
    14 Jul 2017
    Vice Chair
    Doctor Jan Edrich
    7 Oct 2018
    Mr Oliver Hurden
    13 Mar 2016
    Mr Richard Jacob
    17 Jan 2016
    Mrs Helen Millington
    3 Feb 2019
    Mr Paul Nicholson
    24 Mar 2019
  • MC LEA
    Mr Graham Taylor
    27 Feb 2016
  • MC Staff
    Mrs Beverly Francis
    2 Jun 2019
  • MC Staff (TIC)
    Mr Chris Bayliss
    Teacher in Char


How can I share transport to school?

You could try searching on Hants Car Share

What can be done to improve safety and travel to this school?

School has contaced the team regarding development of a School Travel Plan. Information has been sent to the school but no visit or presentation has been made

How can I get to this school by public transport, and how long will it take?

You can find impartial information on planning your journey by bus, coach or train including time and distance from Traveline South West

What storage is available for cycles at this school?

Not known

Where can I find more information about travel to school?

You can visit our travel to school pages which include an interactive route planner.


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