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ICT Flightcases - technology to try

Buying technology can be expensive. To help schools avoid unnecessary costs we have a range of ICT flightcases that we can hire out for you to try before you buy or use as an alternative to buying your own.

New for 2015/2016 we have introduced four new flightcases with enough resources for teaching whole classes: Computational Thinking, Speaking and Listening, Discovery (Science) and Movies and sounds, as well as favourite flightcases such as the Lego Mindstorms flightcase, the Lego WeDo flightcase, the Apple flightcase and the Mixed tablet flightcase.

Our flightcases are user friendly, for all abilities including SEN.

So rather than committing to purchasing ICT and computing kit, why not:

Our flightcases and their contents are listed below.  For more information on each item click on the link to the complete list of flightcase tools.

To book a flightcase, either complete enquiry form or by email

Speaking and Listening flightcase

This flightcase will support a whole class in meeting the Speaking and Listening elements of the curriculum.

Children need to be confident communicators and active listeners in order to learn about the world they live in.  This flightcase contains equipment which enables children to record and play back sound.  

Discovery flightcase - supporting the science curriculum

The Discovery flightcase will support a whole class and can be used to satisfy many of the Science programmes of study requirements.

Within the science curriculum pupils should be taught to use practical scientific methods, processes and skills.  This flight box can be used to generate questions that can then be answered using the equipment in the box to gather data and present their findings.

Movies and sounds flightcase

Movies are a great medium for communicating and recording information.  This box provides all the necessary equipment to be able to make professional quality films.

LEGO WeDo and Mindstorms Flightcases

Tablet flightcases

Also available for hire

Prices for these are available on request

Hire costs

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Hire costs without trainer

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