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Emergency Planning

Prepared Rest Centres

Rest centreIn partnership with the Local District Councils, the Emergency Planning Unit has a number of pre-identified buildings as “Prepared Rest Centres” for use during incidents. These are:

They are used for residents who have been evacuated from their homes and can be used for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours temporary accommodation is sought by the Local District Council.

The Prepared Rest Centre is staffed in conjunction with the premises staff and by members of voluntary organisations, such as:

The administration and running of the Prepared Rest Centre is conducted by Hampshire County Council Adult and Children’s Services Staff, who form the ASSIST team. These are specially trained volunteers who attend Prepared Rest Centres and manage the care and welfare of those who have been evacuated.

The Emergency Planning Unit conduct Health and Safety checks on all buildings used and regularly provide training to all responders and premises staff, these include live exercises.


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