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Emergency Planning

Organising a public event

Organisers of events need to be aware that a great deal of planning and organisation is required to run an event successfully, safely and in compliance with a wide range of legislation depending on the type of event and they must remember that, at all times, they are responsible for all aspects of an event.

Responsibility for the event can include seeking advice from a relevant authority or agency, risk assessment and the identification of those measure which will maintain the duty of care for both employers and attendees. On some occasions little or no emergency services or liaison will be required. For others, substantial resources may be necessary to fulfill traffic regulations, fire safety, medical cover and the maintenance of public order.

Your local District or Borough Council should be contacted to give advice on the safety requirements/aspects of organising an event. You can also find more information in the Event Safety Guide published on the Health and Safety Executive website , which is a guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events.


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