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Emergency Planning

Flooding Frequently Asked Questions

Can anything be done to prevent flooding?

The elements are beyond our control, but some Borough/District Councils will distribute a number of sandbags, but where the water is rising up through the ground, they are of limited value and will not prevent groundwater coming through floorboards.

The County Council will ensure that all road drains are working as effectively as possible. However should the public sewer begin to surcharge please contact Southern Water on 08452 780845.

The Hampshire Flood Warning Directory contains information on how to prepare for a flood and is available through the Environment Agency's Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or check to the Environment Agency's web site

Are there health hazards resulting from contaminated floodwater?

Provided you follow health and hygiene advice the risk of contracting infections from floodwater is low. However, if you do become ill, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

What practical measures are available to help reduce the ingress of water?

Please see the section on practical flood measures

Will I be able to travel?

People should avoid driving through floodwater unless absolutely necessary. If it is essential, you should go slowly (below 10 mph) to avoid making waves.

At times of severe weather please check weather reports on the BBC and other media.

BBC Solent radio on 96.1FM, 103.8FM and DAB has traffic and public transport updates for all of Hampshire or you can check the BBC Travel pages for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

What do we do if we have to move out?

If your property is at risk it would be sensible to consider alternative arrangements for yourself, personal belongings and any pets.

The Council will do what it can to help people in difficulty. However, in the first instance, residents should contact their insurance company.

What to do if your electrical equipment gets wet?

If the interior of your house floods, do not use electrical equipment until you have it checked by an electrician.

We will be working with the district and borough councils on recovery plans for the community. However, in the first instance, residents should contact their insurance if they need such help.


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