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Emergency Planning

What is Business Continuity?

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 requires local authorities to provide business continuity advice and assistance to those undertaking commercial activities or who provide voluntary services. Local authorities may enter into collaborative arrangements with other Category 1 and 2 responders in fulfilling this duties. A key way in which Hampshire County Council has chosen to discharge this responsibility is through Business Support Officer colleagues at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service who provide support, fire-safety advice and provide business continuity guidance to local businesses.

Business Continuity entails planning what you would do to keep your business functioning in the event of a crisis. The crisis could be internal such as widespread staff sickness in a pandemic, or could be external such as being affected by a power cut.

Business continuity is about knowing the key parts of your business and planning to make sure you have the resources you need to keep them going. These resources could include staff, suppliers, premises, equipment or data.

Examples of what your plan may contain include contact lists of key staff, suppliers and customers, details of an alternative location you could work from and roles and responsibilities for who will do what in a crisis.

Sports Ground Safety

A safety certificate is part of a total, integrated system for managing health and safety at sports grounds. While the local authority (Hampshire County Council) is responsible for issuing the safety certificate, safety cannot be achieved by one agency acting in isolation. The local authority has a statutory responsibility to consult with Police, Fire and Building Control authorities.

This duty will be discharged through the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) which is a multi agency advisory group consisting of officers of the Local Authority and representatives from Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Ambulance Service, representatives from the club concerned including their safety officer, representatives from planning control authorities, together with any other interested parties that the chair of the SAG considers appropriate.

The primary function of the SAG is to provide specialist advice to the Local Authority The safety certificate will contain the terms and conditions that the local authority considers necessary or expedient to secure the reasonable safety of spectators at sports grounds when it is being used for the activities specified in the certificate.

The primary responsibility for the safety of spectators at the sports ground rests at all times with the sports ground management and will not be assumed by the local authority.


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