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Hampshire Facts and Figures

Economic Statistics

The information on these pages are produced by the Economic and Business Intelligence Service (EBIS) within the Research and Intelligence group. The core work is the provision of local economic information and intelligence covering the economy, labour markets and socio-economics statistics.

Local Area AssesmentHampshire Economic Assessment
Analysis of current and future economic trends in Hampshire

econ Hampshire Economic Assessment Update
Updated information and analysis on the Hampshire economy

The latest data on business and industrial structure. Key sector factsheets on Business Demography tab.

Labour MarketLabour Market
Statistics on employment, unemployment, benefit claimants and vacancies in Hampshire

Deprivation IndiciesSocial & Deprivation Analysis
Report and data focused on local deprivation and socioeconomic classification.

DashboardEconomic and Business Intelligence Service
Regular up-to-date sub-national economic and business intelligence, briefings and insights

HousingHouse Price and Earnings
Annual survey of earnings data and house price factsheets

Commuter patternsCommuter Patterns
Census 2011 Commuter Factsheets


Quick Facts

In September 2018 the unemployed claimant rate (Jobseekers Allowance + Universal Credit) for Hampshire including Southampton and Portsmouth stood at 1.3%. The number of claimants counts is 14,960, up down by 460 on the previous month. All time series should be viewed with caution.

The South East rate is 1.4% and the UK rate is 2.2%

Source: ONS (NOMIS) - transition to UC full-service has widened the span of claimants and this will see claimants rise indpendent of labour market conditions.

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