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Hampshire Facts and Figures

Hampshire Economic Assessment Update

Hampshire Economic Assessment Update

The first Hampshire Economic Assessment was published in January 2011. Since then the local economy of Hampshire has seen many changes, in the labour market in particular, but also in terms of its business structure and the overall output.

Various data sets have been released since the publication of the first Assessment. These provide an update of the recent changes in the economy and measure the effect that the most recent economic recession has had on the Hampshire local economy.

The first Economic Assessment is available on the Hampshire Economic Assessment pages.

The documents providing an update of the statistics presented in the first Assessment as well as additional information on the Hampshire economy are available in the second tab.

Supplementary analyses of the economic conditions are also available through other reports. These, although prepared independently of the Assessment, also provide a valuable source of information and the economic situation of the Hampshire Economic Area. The 'Topic reports' are available in the third tab of this page.

More detailed information and analysis of the economy of Hampshire is available on the Facts & Figures Economy pages, including the Labour Market Bulletins, Business stock or analysis of the Index of Multiple Deprivation. Additional information can also be obtained from the Economy team.


Theme reports

The following reports provide an update of the analysis of the state of the Hampshire local economy. The structure of the analysis and of the reports follows that of the Hampshire Economic Assessment.

  • Theme 1 Overall Competitiveness  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 225kB looks at the scale and economic performance of Hampshire compared to other areas in the region and nationally. Sub-area analysis explores spatial variations across the Hampshire Economic Area.

  • Theme 3 Business and Enterprise  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 506kB looks at local major employers, the resilience of the local economy and the attractiveness of Hampshire as a business investment location.

  • Theme 4a Population and Households: the latest information on the population and households can be viewed on the Demography pages and the 2011 Census analysis in particular.

  • Theme 4b Labour Markets  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 5MB looks at economic activity and unemployment, total benefit claimants, NEETs and earnings and income.

  • Theme 4c Skills and Qualifications  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 136kB looks at resident qualification levels, School and FE attainment rates, Vocational and HE numbers and skills.

  • Theme 5 Sustainable Economy  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 395kB: looks at energy consumption, waste and housing.

Topic reports

Topic reports provide information and analysis of economic statistics for Hampshire. They are not directly related to the Hampshire Economic Assessment but the information contained in them also provide an update of the latest economic conditions in the Hampshire economy.



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