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Hampshire Facts and Figures

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)



Joint Strategic Needs Assessments are described as a systematic method for reviewing the health and well-being needs of a population to identify 'the big picture' of the health and wellbeing needs and inequalities of that population. The JSNA guidance is supported by a core data set which includes key needs and service requirements. The JSNA pulls together a wide range of information about the current and future health and well-being needs of the local population.

The Hampshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2013

During 2013 the JSNA was revised.


The Hampshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Refresh 2010

During 2010 the JSNA was revised by Hampshire County Council and Hampshire PCT. While providing an update on the current and future health and wellbeing needs identified of the Hampshire population, it is not intended to provide a comprehensive assessment of the needs for every service area.  The 2010 JSNA Refresh document including individual sections and chapters can be accessed below.


Full document:


Health Profiles

A snapshot overview of health for each local authority and how they compare to the national and regional average.


Hampshire Alcohol Needs Assessment

The Alcohol Needs Assessment brings together the latest available data and information in respect of alcohol and the impact of alcohol on a range of cross-cutting issues including: health, social and crime implications:


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