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Hampshire Facts and Figures

Small Area Population Forecasts (SAPF)

2012-based SAPF now available.


  • Hampshire County Council produces The Small Area Population Forecasts (SAPF)

  • The data provides estimates of the population and the number of dwellings for a variety of geographies, including districts, parishes and wards for all of Hampshire (as well as the Unitary Authorities of Portsmouth and Southampton). It also breaks the district level data down by the 2004 Urban and Rural Classification.

  • If you want to find out what district, parish or ward your postcode is in please enter it into our postcode to higher geography lookup.(Excel Document)

  • The population figures are broken down by age and gender and are forecast from 2012-2019.

  • The results are summarised in the accompanying Demographic Profile of Hampshire report.

  • There is a technical note explaining the methodology for the forecasts Microsoft Word 32kB.

  • To ensure SAPF meets your data needs, please take a look at the How to use Forecasts, Estimates and Projections page.

  • Users should be aware that in the current economic climate forecasting future dwelling supply has been particularly difficult. The figures are the best projections available as at April 1st 2012 on a site by site basis taking account of the current market conditions.

  • Following work with Southampton City Council an alternative set of SAPF forecasts have been produced. They are based on slightly different assumptions making use of updated information and work carried out by the city. The alternative set can be found at the bottom of this webpage. For more details please see the methodology note.

  • The methodology of the Small Area Population Forecasts (SAPF) is different to that used for the Long Term Projections; as such, the two sets of figures are not directly comparable.

  • Formatting constraints mean that we can only produce the forecasts in Excel spreadsheet format. If you need help or if your computer cannot open spreadsheets in this format then please contact us.



2012 based files now available!

The dwellings data is now available in a separate file.Hampshire and District Data:Parish Data:Ward Data:Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) Data:Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) Data:Urban and Rural Data:The 2004 Urban and Rural Classification breaks the population of each district down into urban and rural components. There a four categories, Urban, Town and Fringe, Village, and Hamlet and Isolated Dwellings.  For more information regarding this categorisation, please visit the 2004 Urban and Rural Classification pages on the Office for National Statistics website.Hampshire part of New Forest National Park:Southampton Alternative SAPF Figures:

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