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Food, Agriculture and Animal Health

Feed (Hygiene & Enforcement)(England) Regulations 2005

A. Approval Activities

R.  Registration Activities

(1) These activities cover premises that both  manufacture and place such products on the market (sell) and also those premises that do not manufacture but buy and sell products.

Notes: Certain other activities are subject to the provisions of the Feed Hygiene Regulation which have not been specifically identified above. This includes:

Food businesses (breweries, distillers, dairies etc) selling co-products of the food industry which are destined as feed materials; livestock farms which do not mix feeds or mix feeds  without additives; and arable farms growing or selling crops for feed. However, most of these farms will be registered under other official schemes and if this is  the case no application for registration under the Feed hygiene Regulation needs to be made. This includes food businesses registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations.


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