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Food, Agriculture and Animal Health


An educational resource from Hampshire County Council’s Trading Standards


FoodSmart is an innovative product designed to help students learn about healthy eating in a fun and interesting way. It provides comprehensive, high quality information, presented in a professional manner, in a way which will be attractive to students.

The aim of the FoodSmart pack is to provide information on general food legislation and healthy eating and nutrition to students aged 11-16 years (key stages 3 and 4). It is anticipated that this will help students to better understand the composition and labelling of foodstuffs which will enable them to make healthier choices.

The project also provides advice to students on nutritional issues, and suggests simple ways that fat, salt and sugar consumption can be reduced, as well as detailing the benefits of healthy eating through the use of the Balance of Good Health model and the inclusion of the 5 a day for fruits and vegetables initiative.

FoodSmart, unlike other products, is a complete educational pack for teachers, in terms of the comprehensive notes, and information and activity cards that can be used by the students  which contain additional internet activities, and, most importantly, through the inclusion of lesson plans. It has also been designed to link into the existing Lifesmart pack produced by the Service.


How FoodSmart is structured

The material has been designed so that it is capable of use across the curriculum, and may link into the following courses:

  • Citizenship
  • Design and Technology
  • Childcare
  • Health and Social Care
  • Science
  • Food Technology
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE)

As well as being available in hard copy, each pack includes a CD ROM which teachers can use if they want to run any of the lessons or activities via a computer system. The pack is contained in a ring binder so that it can be updated as appropriate.

The material can be used in its entirety, or teachers can select relevant areas, as many of the modules have been designed to be delivered individually as discrete topics.



Price of FoodSmart

  • £200 for one hard copy pack and 5 CD’s. Purchasing the product at this price confers no copying rights
  • £500 for one hard copy pack and one CD. Purchasing the product at this price will confer copying and rebranding rights.

Additional CD’s can be purchased for £20 each.

Available from - Hampshire County Council

If you are interested in the product or would like to discuss FoodSmart, please contact Hampshire Trading Standards by email at or by telephone on 01962 833620.


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