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Hampshire County Council Grants

Short Breaks for Disabled Children

‘Short Breaks’ is a programme aimed at improving services for children with disabilities and/or additional needs, by offering positive out-of-school activities and will build on what was previously called the ‘Aiming High for Disabled Children Programme’. Provision of Short Breaks for carers of disabled children is a statutory duty since April 2011 under The Breaks for Carers Regulations 2011.

The Hampshire County Council Short Breaks programme will:

Short Breaks come in all shapes and sizes, lasting from a few hours to a day or an evening, and provide a positive experience for all. They could:

When to apply

The grants round for applications for grants of £5,000 and above open on Monday 31 July at 12pm and close on Monday 25 September 2017 at 2pm. All applications of £5,000 and above must be made via In-Tend, the Council’s procurement system. Please see the Short Breaks web pages for more details.

Grant criteria and eligibility

Who are short breaks for?

The grant is for activity providers who support disabled children and young people who:

Many organisations provide short breaks including:

Any sports, arts, play/leisure or cultural activity provider can apply for funding, subject to the criteria below.

To be eligible for support the organisation must:

Be able to explain exactly how their project will provide a Short Break for parents/carers. The primary purpose of the Short Breaks legal duty is to ensure a break for carers, to help them continue to care for their children at home and allow them to do so more effectively.

(Hampshire County Council will not award a grant to an organisation that does not hold, or is not willing to obtain the required level of insurance following risk assessment, irrespective of advice given to organisations by third parties).

Financial eligibility

Organisations will not normally be eligible for grants where they hold unallocated reserves in excess of one year's running costs, or where it is judged that these reserves are unreasonably in excess of what is required or not allocated for legitimate purposes.

The Children’s Services Grant Programme has adopted the Charity Commission’s reserves policy in this respect, although this will apply to all organisations, not just charities, who are requesting short breaks funding.

The Charity Commission definition of reserve is:

Income funds that are freely available for its general (unrestricted) purposes. "Reserves" are therefore the resources the organisation has or can make available to spend, for any or all of the charity's purposes, once it has met its commitments and covered its other planned expenditure. It is not yet spent, committed or designated.

What can we fund?

We require a range of provision in local areas that will include the following priorities:

You can see an example of the range of users and provision on this map from 2014-15. You can also see current activities listed on

Parent representatives are involved in the majority of recommendations about grant funding for short breaks activities. In the current financial climate it is even more essential that projects or organisations applying for funding are able to demonstrate cost effective ways of delivering the priorities outlined above.

Grants can only be given towards the costs of running your activity or event when these are additional and reasonable costs necessary to meet specific requirements of Gateway card holders, for example:

What can't we fund?

Further information:


If successful, organisations will be required to sign a grant agreement and submit quarterly monitoring information in the required format including:

We will provide full information and instructions separately once an award has been agreed. We may also visit providers while activities are taking place.

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Contracts & Grants Team
Integrated Procurement, Commissioning & Placement Service
Children's Services Department
Hampshire County Council
Elizabeth II Court North (3rd Floor)
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Telephone: 01962 846399

The team can provide guidance on the suitability of projects, and we will aim to support organisations to apply for a grant wherever possible.

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