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Hampshire County Council Grants

Short Breaks Activities - Support for Individuals

‘Short Breaks’ is a programme aimed at improving services for children with disabilities and/or additional needs, by offering positive out-of-school activities and will build on what was previously called the ‘Aiming High for Disabled Children Programme’. Provision of Short Breaks for carers of disabled children is a statutory duty since April 2011 under The Breaks for Carers Regulations 2011. The Hampshire County Council Short Breaks programme will:

Short Breaks come in all shapes and sizes, lasting from a few hours to a day or an evening, and provide a positive experience for all.

Support For Individuals: It has been identified that for some children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs to attend mainstream activities, higher costs can be incurred as their personal requirements may be more than most. This funding is to help towards the additional costs that settings may have in order to fully and successfully include individual children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs.

When to apply

Grants are available to fund support for individuals on an ongoing basis throughout the year 1 April – 31 March.

Grant criteria and eligibility

Many Support for Individuals applications will be under £1000, but some may be over this. The maximum limit for a Support for Individuals application is £5000.

Who can apply ?

Any recreation and leisure activity provider (including sports, outdoors, arts or cultural activities) working to meet the needs of individual children and young people with disabilities/ additional needs.

Please note, if you are a childcare provider (e.g. a childminder or nursery), please also discuss the individual child/young person's needs with your local Area Inclusion Co-ordinator who can also advise about appropriate support and funding.

Organisations need to agree to the conditions of any grant, including the monitoring information requested by the Short Breaks team. (The Grant Agreement form will be sent once the funding has been approved). The organisation needs to ensure the provision of the highest quality activities and opportunities for the children and young people.

Organisations must have:

What sort of activities can this funding be used for?

The grant is for children and young people who:

What is funded

What isn’t funded

Financial eligibility

Do parents/carers still pay for the child or young person to do the activity?

How will decisions be made on which applications are funded?

We would like to support as many individuals as possible to access supported activities, provided that we are satisfied that the activity provider:

Support for Individuals activities will usually take place up to once a week/fortnight or sometimes more during holidays, sometimes up to three sessions a week.

If all individuals listed in your application have registered for their Gateway Card and the costs requested to meet their individual requirements appear ‘reasonable’ then it is likely your application will be approved. If the panel has any queries regarding your application we will contact you for more information.

Next steps

All applications will be evaluated by a panel and applicants notified of the decision usually within 3 weeks of receipt. Decisions made will fall into three categories:

Once applications have been approved a grant agreement will be sent to you to complete and sign. 100% of the revenue grant requested will then be paid within thirty working days of the receipt of the signed grant agreement.

Apply now Application guidance notes and application form



The Short Breaks Team
Children's Services
1st Floor Elizabeth II Court North
The Castle
Winchester SO23 8UG

Telephone 01962 846399


The team can provide guidance on the suitability of projects, and we will aim to support organisations to apply for a grant wherever possible.

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