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The Inscription and names of the knights

The inscription round the centre of the Table and the names of the knights round the margin appear as follow:

This is the rownde table of kyng Arthur w(ith) xxiiii of his namyde knyattes.

  1. S(ir) galahallt Sir Galahad
  2. S(ir) launcelot deulake Sir Lancelot
  3. S(ir) gauen Sir Gawaine
  4. S(ir) p(er)cyvale Sir Percival
  5. S(ir) Iyonell Sir Lionel
  6. S(ir) trystram delyens Sir Tristan
  7. S(ir) garethe Sir Gareth
  8. S(ir) bedwere Sir Bedivere
  9. S(ir) blubrys Sir Blioberis
  10. S(ir) lacotemale tayle Sir La cotemal tail
  11. S(ir) lucane Sir Lucan
  12. S(ir) plomyd Sir Palamedes
  13. S(ir) lamorak Sir Lamorak
  14. S(ir) born de ganys Sir Bors
  15. S(ir) safer Sir Saphar
  16. S(ir) pelleus Sir Pellinore
  17. S(ir) kay Sir Kay
  18. S(ir) Ectorde marys Sir Ector
  19. S(ir) dagonet Sir Dagonet
  20. S(ir) degore Sir Degore
  21. S(ir) brumear Sir Brunar
  22. S(ir) lybyus dyscovy(us) Sir Guinglain
  23. S(ir) Alynore Sir Alymore
  24. S(ir) mordrede Sir Modred


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