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The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Crown Estate Moorings - types and charges

The Crown Estate operates a range of mid-strem moorings on the River Hamble. These include piled mooring, deep water mooring sites (buoyed moorings) and drying mooring sites (buoyed moorings).

Please note that the Harbour Dues for these moorings types are 10% higher than the standard rate to reflect the higher administration costs involved.

Apply for a mooring

There is currently a waiting list for moorings.

Who can apply

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for a mooring. It is not necessary for the applicant to own a boat when applying for the waiting list but in the case of partnerships the applicant must demonstrate that they have a majority shareholding in the vessel.

How to apply

Please contact the Harbour Office The annual fee is £30.

Renewing an application

Applicants will be sent a payment reminder each September to re-confirm their intention to remain on the waiting list.

Voluntary surrender

Exisiting (pre 1 January 2008) applicants who voluntarily surrender from the waiting list will be entitled to a £20 refund.

Those joining (or re-joining) after 1 January 2008 will not be eligible for a refund if they resign voluntarily.

The River Hamble Harbour Authority administers the mid stream moorings on the River Hamble on behalf of the Crown Estate.

  1. The registration fee for new waiting list applicants will be £30.
  2. Applicants must re-confirm their intention to remain on the waiting list during the period between 1 and 31 October each year, in order for allocations of surrendered moorings to be made in good time for the new year. A renewal form will be sent to applicants each September.
  3. If an applicant fails to renew the application by the end of December in any year he/she will be removed from the waiting list.
  4. Transfer of a place on the waiting list will be permitted to immediate family only, otherwise at the Harbour Master’s sole discretion.
  5. Applicants must notify the Harbour Master of any change of address or type/size of boat.
  6. Applicants will only be entitled to state mooring type and not their preferred location of mooring. Each year the applicant is asked to state whether he she would accept a mooring if offered before 31 March in that year. When offered a mooring by the Harbour Master an applicant will only be able to refuse the allocation if it is an inappropriate type mooring. Having stated that they were prepared to accept a mooring in that year then should an applicant refuse two offers for any other reason than the above, then the Harbour Master reserves the right to remove the applicant form the waiting list.
  7. Applicants do not have to be Hampshire residents.
  8. It is not necessary for an applicant to own a boat when applying for the waiting list, however, in the case of partnerships, moorings will only be allocated to waiting list applicants who can demonstrate that they have a substantial (50% or greater) shareholding in the vessel.
  9. The minimum age of an applicant will be 16.

View of moorings along River Hamble

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