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The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Waste Management Plan

Whether you are sailing a small sailing yacht or operating a larger commercial vessel, all will generate waste of some kind, whether it's kitchen waste, sewage, oil, chemical or cargo residues. These have to be disposed of in a way that will not pollute our river or the sea.   Hamble Harbour is bound by law to supply waste bins for refuse.

The Marpol 73/78 Convention governs the safe and responsible disposal of this waste and the Merchant Shipping (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations requires all ports, terminals and marinas throughout the UK to produce a plan detailing how they organise and provide port reception facilities for Marpol designated waste.

Under these regulations, Hamble Harbour prepared a plan for the approval by the local office of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. This plan details how the Harbour organises and provides port waste reception facilities. The plan was developed in co-operation with local operators and organisations and is reviewed every three years.

If you have a yacht or motorboat an element of your Harbour Dues goes towards paying for waste disposal.

This plan has been developed specifically to the needs of Hamble Harbour and its users and should be considered as a minimum level of compliance under the regulations from which improvements can always be made.

Any port user who has any comments on this plan or who is unsure of the responsibilities of either themselves or others regarding waste, should contact the Harbour Office, Shore Road, Warsash, Hampshire, SO31 9FR or telephone 01489 576387.

Waste Disposal

The River Hamble Harbour Authority would like to remind mooring holders and visitors that rubbish must be disposed of before departing the River.

The Harbour Authority provides a range of facilities for the disposal of waste which are readily accessible to the majority of river users. This includes a special container for the disposal of non-EU food waste..

The law

The implementation of the EC Directive on Port Reception Facilities (2000/59/EC) in the UK is achieved through the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations (2003/1809). This superseded the Waste Disposal The Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Pollution by Garbage) Regulations 1988. Under these regulations it is an offence for any vessel, regardless of size, including recreational craft, to dump any garbage or refuse overboard within a certain distance of land, and in the case of plastics and other persistent rubbish, in any sea area surrounding the United Kingdom.

In addition to the facilities that the harbour authority provides it is also bound by law to review these facilities and ensure that they are adequate for the purposes intended. This review must take place every second year and the findings reported to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA),in the form of a Port Waste Management Plan.

For any further information regarding waste disposal, please contact the Harbour Office.

Waste disposal facilities

Free facilities include disposal points for general mixed garbage. Sewage pump-out for vessels with holding tanks, used oil disposal, disposal point for oil filters, disposal point for dead batteries.


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