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The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Harbour Works Consent Applications

Disclaimer for viewing Harbour Works Consent online

You may view current applications for Harbour Works consent online at the bottom of this page, or by coming in person to the Harbour Office by prior arrangement. Plans and documents may be subject to change. The website will display the latest versions. Plans may have been produced at a larger size so may not print exactly to scale.

How to comment on Harbour Works Consent applications

Any one wishing to comment on an application regarding impacts on navigational safety and the environment may email or write to River Hamble Harbour Office, Shore Road, Warsash, Hampshire SO31 9FR.

Proposals will usually also require permissions from other authorities (for example planning permission), and comments relating to other matters should be directed to the appropriate organisation.

Any written comments you wish to make must be received by the deadline given for each application. Failure to meet this deadline may result in an application being determined without your comments being considered. Your written comments will be made publically available, and will be subject to any Freedom of Information requests. Responses should not include any inappropriate or offensive material or you will be requested to modify your comments and re-submit them. Your personal telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures will not published, but your name and address will be. Anonymous comments will not be considered. Comments may be passed on to the applicant or their agent to ensure a full understanding of any issues raised, and in order that the Management Committee and Harbour Board receive comprehensive reports prior to their determination.

In the event that you would prefer to make your comments verbally there are opportunities to make a deputation to either the Management Committee or to the Harbour Board at their meeting. Applications to make a deputation must be received three clear working days before the meeting. Further information and application form.


You must read and agree the copyright information below before you access application information.

Plans, drawings and material submitted to the River Hamble Harbour Authority are protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes. You must not make further copies without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

RHHA is unable to supply hard copies of plans and drawings, but you may view these at our office by prior arrangement. If hard copies are required we can request them from the applicant on your behalf, but you are likely to be charged for these.

By opening the links to the application details, you are confirming you have read and agreed to abide by the terms of this notice.


Current applications

Brooklands Quay Slipway Extension

The River Hamble Harbour Authority has received a new application for Harbour Works Consent from Marina Projects Limited on behalf of their client at Brooklands Quay:


Extension to slipway to Brooklands Quay, Sarisbury Green, SO31 7EF (SU 49374 08870)


A Project Description and Design Technical Note containing the full project detail is submitted alongside this application and should be considered as part of the application, whilst a brief summary of the project is provided below;

It envisaged that the extension would take the form of a 3m wide suspended wooden deck structure supported by piles driven in to the intertidal area. The slipway would extend as far as Mean Low Water on the River which is the extent of the Property Boundary. Construction would be undertaken by tracked excavator building out from the land with the aim of avoiding the need to work from the intertidal. Appropriate protection in the form of matting would be applied should there be a specific short term need to work from the intertidal.

It has been assessed that a suspended deck slipway supported by piles and with a concrete footing would have a direct impact of approximately 35m2. It is proposed to offer up direct mitigation to the scheme of an area 160m2 by removing the remains of the dock head structure and man-made detritus from the foreshore immediately adjacent to the existing slipway and creek. The aim of the mitigation would be to remove the man-made incursions within the identified area and restore a natural intertidal habitat.

Construction is proposed to take a maximum of 6 weeks between May-September 2016 to avoid impacts on overwintering birds

Project documents and plans

One hard copy of the application (including plans printed at scale) is also available in the Harbour Office for inspection by appointment only.  

Deadline for written comments

5 August 2015

Please see ‘Disclaimer’ tab on this webpage for how to make a comment.

Relevant meeting dates

It is anticipated that this application will be considered by the River Hamble Harbour Management Committee at its meeting on 4 September 2015, and a decision will be made by the Harbour Board at its meeting on the 25 September 2015.


Approved applications

The following applications for Full Harbour Works consent have been approved by the Harbour Board, and applications for maintenance dredges have been approved by the Harbour Master. Expected construction dates are stated where known, but these are dependant on achievement of all other required consents from external authorities, and are subject to delays (e.g. weather conditions, contractor availability).

Applications for minor/maintenance works are not displayed.

  • Swanwick Marina redevelopment

    July 2007 to Sept 2013  


  • Warsash Slipway Improvements

    16 Nov 2014



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