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Home improvements: Tips for DIY or professional improvements

Home improvements

As spring arrives, many people start thinking of the jobs around the house and garden that need tackling. Whether it’s an unruly hedge or a kitchen that needs replacing, improving your house can be a daunting task and costs can easily spiral out of control.

If you attempt a job yourself without having the right tools and skills, it can be time consuming and sometimes dangerous.

Hiring a skilled tradesperson usually makes a job safer and quicker but choosing the right person can be difficult. So how do you improve your home without breaking the bank or falling victim to an unscrupulous trader?

Do it yourself

Employing a professional

‘Buy With Confidence’

If the business you employ is a member of Hampshire County Council’s Buy With Confidence scheme, you can be sure that they have passed stringent checks to show they are trustworthy. Trading Standards Officers have checked that they comply with consumer protection laws, are fully insured, provide clear pricing information and offer good customer service. They are also continuously monitored to ensure they meet the standards of the scheme. You also have the added reassurance that if something goes wrong, you will have the support of Trading Standards to try and help resolve things.

Approved traders appear in the Buy With Confidence directory. You can request a free copy of the directory by calling 01962 833358 or you can search the directory online at If you search online you can easily find the approved tradespeople nearest to your home.


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