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Customise your browser - Firefox

Changing the Size of the Text

Follow these steps to increase or decrease the size of text on our site.

Some web sites have "hard-coded" the size of their text and as a consequence these web sites will not reflect the change you have just made. If you would like your preferences to be reflected on other sites you visit please follow these steps:

Changing the Style of the Text

Hantsweb specifies a sans serif font style through a style sheet. A sans serif font (such as Verdana or Arial) should be more easily read by those with a visual impairment or dyslexia than seriffed font styles (such as Times New Roman or Georgia). You may wish to impose a different text style than through your browser setting. The following steps will also override any styles "hard coded" on other websites.

Changing Text and Background Colours

You may wish to impose a different combination of text and background colours than those chosen by us (although we have tried to retain a good contrast at all times. For example, some people with a visual impairment may prefer white text on a black background. Please follow these steps to change the colours on all sites you visit:

  1. Open the Edit menu with the mouse (or by pressing Alt+E)

  2. Click on, or use the arrow keys to select the Colors heading underneath the Appearance category. If you cannot see the Colors heading, you may need to expand the Appearance category. Do this by either double clicking on Appearance, or selecting Appearance with the arrow keys and pressing the right arrow key.

  3. Use the mouse or press Tab to select the "Use my chosen colours, ignoring the colours and background images specified" option and press space to select this option.

  4. Choose to have your Windows colour scheme reflected by Tabbing to the Use System Colors option and pressing space to select it, or click it with the mouse. Or…

  5. Click on the Text or Background color option and choose an alternative color, or press Tab until the Text or Background color box is highlighted, press the space bar, use the arrow keys to choose an alternative colour and press space to confirm this colour.

  6. Press Enter to return to Firefox.


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