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Creating web pages

Quality Control

There are two phases for ensuring the quality of your web pages. The first is during the intensive activity to get your pages launched and the second is the ongoing maintenance and development of your web pages to ensure they stay relevant and up to date. Before changes 'go live' your departmental Web Quality Assessor must approve them.

Working towards launch

Part of your information planning will no doubt be internal review with the appropriate staff and you may also wish to road test your pages with service users prior to launch. If you are commissioning your pages from an external agency, you should review their work periodically to ensure that they are adhering to corporate style. Your departmental Web Quality Assessor will be pleased to help (do not leave any issues until the last minute - it is more cost and time effective to sort them out early on).

Before you can launch a major new collection of web pages you will need the approval of your Departmental Web Quality Assessor who will arrange to review your newly-created pages. All pages MUST be reviewed before being officially launched on Hantsweb. Any remedial action must be carried out at the departments or agencies expense, and pages will not be permitted to go live on Hantsweb without the approval of your Web Quality Assessor.

If you are working to a specific deadline, sufficient time for this review process must be built into your project schedule. Contact your Web Quality Assessor early!


You are responsible for keeping your pages up to date and for the process and resources involved. In addition the Hantsweb team will spot check pages, and of course you may receive comments from the public which you will need to respond to. Further information on maintenance is available.


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